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Elect Colleen Madigan, Democrat for Maine House District 110 (Waterville and Oakland)

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Colleen Madigan

About Colleen

nice_headshotI’ve always worked to make things better for others. My family and my faith have taught me that I have a responsibility to look after others, particularly those less fortunate than me. Pursuing this goal, I’ve earned degrees in social work, helped adults and teens with mental illness, and served Waterville and surrounding towns in the Maine State Senate.

I’ve worked for more than 25 years in the behavioral health field. Today, I’m a clinical social worker at the Maine Children’s Home and Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter.

I first ran for office because I saw how people in my community were being failed by our state. Single working moms who didn’t have health insurance died! I channeled my outrage and sadness into political action.

I believe poverty and its consequences are the most pressing problems facing Maine. I want to make things better. I want to implement policies that encourage good jobs, a business climate that fosters local enterprises, and a sustainable, robust economy for our region. To complement a strong economy, I support high-quality, accessible education for our kids.leeroy

Some of my favorite ideas for change and improvement in Maine have come from listening to voters. I want to hear from you! (Start by filling out the form below, if you like.)

Outside of work and politics, I live in Waterville with my family and an awesome cat named Leeroy Jenkins. I’m 100% Irish (hence the red hair). I like to knit. And yes, I still play World of Warcraft.