My introductory letter

Unfortunately we lacked the funding to get these out to every single person in the district, and they are still being distributed by our volunteers as I write this. I’m posting this here so everyone who didn’t yet receive one can have a chance to read it.


Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking the time to read something dropped at your door. My name is Colleen Lachowicz and I am a Democrat running for State Senate in District 25.

Some of you already know me, and others will have an opportunity to get to know me during this campaign. My parents, my sister, my husband, and I all live in Waterville. I am a step-mom to my husband’s son Rowan, and we are licensed foster parents. We are planning to adopt a child. I’ve worked at Kennebec Behavioral Health since 1997 and have been the Program Director of School-Based Services there for six years. As part of my job, I’ve worked in our local schools for over ten years.

However children come into our lives, whether through birth, adoption, marriage, or in our work, the best thing we can do is to help all children lead happy and healthy lives. At work I manage a budget and staff whose responsibility is to help children and families in Kennebec and Somerset counties. I chose this type of work specifically because helping others is the value I hold closest to my heart. Helping others is who I am, not just what I do for a living. It doesn’t stop at the end of my workday.

For years it has been a struggle to improve the quality of life for our children in this line of work. Every day I see families struggling, forced to choose between paying the rent or buying fuel or groceries. A choice like this is no choice at all. Too many people are underemployed, sometimes working two jobs and still having trouble making ends meet. Too many are unemployed and have given up hope of finding work at all. Too many children are suffering as a result.

Teachers are spending their own hard-earned money on basic supplies for their students. School administrators struggle to balance their budgets while the state’s promised share is inadequate. My own parents struggle to afford necessary medications. Families struggle to pay for health insurance while paying ever larger co-pays and deductibles. I’m tired of watching people die of entirely preventable causes. I know we are better than this. I know we want better than this for our children, our parents, our families, our neighbors, ourselves.

Last summer while driving home with my husband, we were talking about these problems. He reminded me that the best thing to do with problems is to act to solve them. Someone who understands these problems has to act, someone who works with these issues every day. It has to be someone who knows how to address the root causes of our problems, rather than just the symptoms. That’s me. It’s what I get up every morning and do. It’s who I am. Now I want to take that ability to Augusta to represent you, to be your voice. You deserve a state senator who knows how to listen and who knows how to solve the problems facing us today.

That’s why I’m running for State Senate. Because Governor LePage was right about one thing: The issues are too big to ignore.

The big issue is jobs. We have lost jobs in our state in the past year. We have untapped opportunities here – roads to repair, bridges to rebuild. We can create a new green energy economy and build much more here instead of importing parts from other countries. We have skilled laborers sitting idle who would be thrilled to work again. Our young people desperately need jobs so they can start building their lives.

The bigger issue is inequality in our fiscal policy. Taxpayers are asked to choose between policies that support working-class people or policies that support the wealthy and powerful. Last year, we gave a $200 million tax cut primarily to the richest Mainers, while many families are falling out of the middle class. If we want to create jobs and stimulate the economy, we have to put money into the hands of people who actually need it. If people can afford to buy products and services then more small businesses will grow and thrive. That’s how we actually create jobs. Small businesses are the engine that drives our economy.

The biggest resource is our people. We cannot continue to blame the unemployed for our problems. They are not scapegoats. They’re our neighbors, our families, our friends. More than anything, they’re tired of struggling to get through another day. We need to work hard to create a sustainable economy that gives every Mainer the chance to earn a living.

If you’re tired of watching hard-working people work harder for less, then please join me to make a difference. Vote Colleen Lachowicz for State Senate in the Democratic Primary on June 12th, and let’s work together for a new day.

My volunteers and I will be reaching out across the district over the next several months, and I hope one of us has the chance to meet you. But please, don’t wait for that to happen. If you want to talk, want me to stop by, or want to help with my campaign, please call me at 692-7143, or e-mail me at I want to hear the concerns and ideas of every voter.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.



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  1. alice madigan Reply

    i love you colleen n we are very proud of you, keep fighting for the forgotten people of this district n state, when i see people looking through trash cans for food i want to cry . i wish there was more i could do but as you know dad n i have a lot of our own problems. so you can be our voice n we will hlep in any way we can/ love you

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