I’m MPA Endorsed!

I am proud to accept the endorsement of the Maine People’s Alliance, of which I am a member. I’d like to share a little about what MPA means to me, and why this endorsement is so important to my campaign.

During the first legislative session in 2011, a bill to deregulate the health insurance industry in Maine – LD 1333 – was introduced and passed. This bill was a giveaway to the insurance industry, one which they knew would raise rates on people, particularly in rural Maine. This included towns in my district, like Clinton and Detroit, where I have met people whose premiums have already doubled and become completely unaffordable – and they will keep going up. Some of those people now go uninsured because they cannot afford the premiums. I know one who will probably die because of that bill.

MPA was the canary in the coal mine about LD 1333 and they did everything they could to stop it. Their concerns have since proven accurate, as very sick people no longer have health insurance because they can’t afford it anymore. Maine People’s Alliance is the organization that is often sounding the alarm about policy changes before other organizations are willing to do anything. They are the ones who stand up first, and are the last to give up the fight. They are the most fearless organization in the state.

For a long time they have fought the same fight I say this entire campaign is about. It’s about having a government that recognizes that every individual deserves respect. That if they are willing to work, there is a job for them that pays enough to live on. That allowing each person to have that dignity is important to our society. That no one should go without food, shelter, or vital health care. That those who are the least among us are the very people we should be fighting for.

I joined this fight and ran for office because there are children in our local schools who have lost family members to entirely preventable causes. Maine People’s Alliance is in this fight because our local schools aren’t unique, this is happening everywhere. Together, we can recreate a government that works for us. One that protects those who need our help the most. In Maine, we are the government, and the question is whether we will stand up and build a government worth protecting, or whether we will let our sick neighbors fend for themselves.

I know I will join MPA in building such a government – not destroying it. Will you join us in that cause?

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