Statement on Attacks

Here is a statement from our campaign in response to the personal attacks made on Colleen by the Maine Republican Party. If anyone has further questions, Ericka Dodge can be reached at 232-5892.

Ed Lachowicz

Campaign Manager, Colleen Lachowicz for State Senate


Waterville, ME—State Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz released the following statement in response to an attack piece sent out by the Maine Republican Party.


Colleen Lachowicz says, “I think it’s weird that I’m being targeted for playing online games. Apparently I’m in good company since there are 183 million other Americans who also enjoy online games. What’s next? Will I be ostracized for playing Angry Birds or Words with Friends? If so, guilty as charged!”


Lachowicz added, “What’s really weird is that the Republicans are going after my hobbies instead of talking about their record while they’ve been running Augusta for the last two years. Instead of talking about what they’re doing for Maine people, they’re making fun of me for playing video games. Did you know that more people over the age of 50 play video games than under the age of 18? As a gamer, I’m in good company with folks like Jodie Foster, Vin Diesel, Mike Myers, and Robin Williams. Maybe it’s the Republican Party that is out of touch.”



According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board, here’s a break down and profile of a gamer in the United States:

  • 65% of U.S. households
  • 49% of 18 – 49 year olds
  • 26% over the age of 50
  • 25% under the age of 18
  • 2 out of 5 people are female
  • average age of a gamer is 34
  • $24.8 billion industry


According to the Christian Science Monitor, 183 million Americans play video games.

208 thoughts on “Statement on Attacks

  1. Anon Reply

    I have no idea who you are frankly (I’m British), but I recognise atrociously transparent dog-whistle politics when I see it, it’s clear that those against you conspire to use gaming as a means to alienate you from your constituency based on nothing more than fear and uncertainty about the new entertainment medium. The campaign against you is being discussed on ( You may wish to post an AMA (Ask Me anything) interview in the “IAMA” section of the site to clarify some things and provide worldwide exposure for your campaign on the back of such a disgraceful attempt at attacking a political opponent.

    • Alan Charlesworth Reply

      Agreed. I too am British and generally pay little attention to U.S. politics, but I have to express some form of support for Ms Lachowicz simply because this attack is so profoundly ludicrous.

      I particularly enjoyed (read ‘gaped at in disbelief’) the following phrase on the BBC’s website:

      ‘…it highlights her affection for Santiaga’s ability to stab things and kill people without suffering a jail sentence.’

      Our society has passed the time when playing video games was an arcane and worrying niche pastime. Playing video games of one form or another has actually become a majority hobby. It’s reaching the stage where it’s less common to meet someone who has never played one than someone who has.

      Add to this the fact that people who played video games as children are now in their 30s and 40s, and not only does the suggestion that gaming is somehow deviant become phenomenally preposterous, it actually runs a serious risk of alienating voters.

      This ill-conceived and outdated assault sneers at 65% of American households and a very substantial proportion of the people most likely to vote. So not only is this childish and out of touch, it’s also a spectacular own goal.

      Anyway, I now support Ms Lachowicz as much as a Briton can, just as I would side with anyone who is victimised for watching television or reading a book. Billions of people lead a bizarre double life in which they watch strangers masquerading as other people! Call the police!

    • WJ Reply

      I am so impressed that you chose gaming as a hobby over the other games politicians play. You chose to spend about $160/year on a paid WoW subscription, saving you money for family, friends, the needy, and possibly church. Other politicians drive fancy cars, pay $70,000/yr in country club dues and $8000/yr in green fees; obcess over thier hair and lawns and the perfection of their manicures.

      I’m not even a democrat and I would vote for you. I like to see a polotician in touch with with the rest of America. Keep gaming and thank you for being frugal in your private life. I would trust you more in your public life BECAUSE you are a fun loving, frugal, normal American girl.

    • Jared Reply

      You should definitely do an AMA. Reddit is pretty liberal (as far as I’ve seen) and they would certainly embrace your gaming with their online culture!

    • Sarah Reply

      I too am from the UK. I am a researcher at a leading university. I have also played video games all my life and after a stint on WoW am now trying out a few other mmos in the same vein.

      I am sure that there are many more women out there in very serious and respectable jobs who love and enjoy these games. Strangely we are still perfectly reliable, professional, trustworthy employees and members of society!

      Video gaming is a fun and perfectly healthy pastime. As to some of the ridiculous “concerns” expressed I would reply that playing an mmo is no different to a more modern and accessible form of acting.

      Good luck to you and I hope that the general public will see through what is an obvious attempt to smear your name.

    • George Reply

      Same here. I’m English, not an American voter but this I acknowledge is pathetic tactics by the American Republican Party.
      I think it’s brilliant that a gamer can run for office, we need to change attitudes, gamers should not be regarded as losers, nerds or anti-social in any way.

    • Chaz Reply

      Another British resident here.

      I am a Warcraft player of 7yrs going on 8 and frankly if I lived in your state I would vote for you just because you are a gaming politician.

      If you are a raiding player then, even more reason to vote for you because raiders need to be co-ordinated, work as a team and understand their part in the team.

      These are all traits I respect in a leader, more so if you are the raid captain.

      All of this said, I think it’s pretty desperate that they are targeting this ONE thing about you and blowing it out of proportion like this.

      It’s like over here in the UK when the children we vote for start slinging mud in the form of calling up who smoked pot in college thinking it will harm the other candidate, not realizing that college pot smokers can be related to by the populace and therefore garner votes quite easily.

    • Iain Campbell Reply

      British, and probably shouldn’t be poking my Limey nose in but I would also like to add my support for Ms Lachowicz, again because the attack is downright silly. How desperate are these people.

      Lest we forget, Sean Smith, another gamer, died serving his country well. Online gaming hurts nobody, is a huge constituency and adds to the economies of the world. Arguably more use to America right now than the tools behind that slur.

      Ms Lachowicz, you are one of us! Better an Orc than an annoying troll.

    • Steve K Reply

      Having a double-life as a video gamer isn’t too bad, compared to other activities.

      Look at Clint Eastwood’s astound sextuple-life as a cowboy, mercenary, bounty-hunter, bodyguard, cop (in at least 3 cities/states!), astronaut and soldier in every war from American Civil to WW2 to the invasion of Grenada….

      Wasn’t he elected mayor of Carmel, California some decades ago? 😛

  2. Tom Reply

    Thanks for sticking up for gamers and the middle class. Sadly I’m not in your district, but these attacks are as shameful as they are stupid. Keep up the good work!

  3. Damion Reply

    Game On!

    I’m a fellow WoW player, and a professional designer, father, homeowner, and all around Average American. If someone is attacking you for playing videogames, they don’t have any other legs to stand on.

    I so sincerely hope you get elected.

    Damion Mosier-Tidd
    a.k.a. Chancer the Hunter and his pet cat Happily
    a.a.k.a. Plainswander the Druid

    p.s. rogues are so OP

  4. Gillian Reply

    I find your gaming to be a sign of someone who has found a healthy outlet for their frustrations. If only you weren’t a hordie…

  5. anon too Reply

    Seriously, that’s all they could come up with? I wish I lived in Maine, I’d vote for you-56 y/o hospice nurse and Dwarf Hunter.

  6. Kenny Cather Reply

    Hi Colleen,

    I’m an Ohio voter and a gamer. This attack is ludicrous. By the Maine Republican’s standards, I must be an awful electrical engineer. Anyway, I would really like to donate to your campaign. How can I do that?

  7. Jon Reply

    Personally, I think this may of been possibly the greatest thing to happen to your campaign! You’re getting global recognition and you couldn’t of handled it classier! If I wasn’t half the country away, I would vote for you based on the fact that you’re obviously more in touch with the people than your opponent.

    Now how soon till campaigning spills into Azeroth…

  8. Matt Reply

    As a fellow online gamer, this “stunt” really annoys me. I would like to contribute to your campaign if it is possible. (Even though I am out of state) How best can I do that?

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  10. Wallace Buffington Reply

    Major support and greetings from California!
    To attack your hobbies is just LOW.. If they can’t attack you on the issues they should keep their mouths shut!.
    I hope that whole smear campaign will back fire on your opponents and gamers around Maine rally to your side.
    If I was a Maine resident you would have my vote in a heartbeat.

  11. WolF Reply

    Not only is the attack silly, it’s just plain wrong. The highest level is 90, not 85. Rogues aren’t the most hated class, that would be hunters.

    Moreover, the implication that whatever your character does in a video game is a mirror of what you will do if elected is inane. Though, to be fair, it does show an ability to work with others. Can’t have that now, can we?

  12. aphexddb Reply

    I’m not even in Maine but your response to the GOP criticism of being a gamer is stellar.

  13. James Kilbride Reply

    Colleen, I no longer live in maine but I have family that still does, in winslow no less, and I’ve emailed them to ask that they support your candidacy. I still am proud of my maine heritage and have been increasingly impressed by the candidates in maine standing up for what they believe in. The act of the republicans against the maine delegates and attacks like these against you increasingly make me believe the republican party has lost sight of the real goal, making america great. Good luck and I’m rooting for you!

  14. Gargoth Reply


    I’m a fairly libertarian/conservative person myself and I feel it is absolutely ridiculous that someone could be so out of touch to attack someone for playing one of the most if not the most popular MMO ever.

    For the Horde!

  15. Julie Reply

    Hawaii here! Read what your stance on issues are and I’d vote for you if I could! Please consider a popping up a donation link or a mailing address for those of us who would like to support you.

    39 year old
    Alliance Shadow Priest

    p.s. what would he have said if you were healing class? He’s SUCH a joke!

  16. Jason Reply

    I wonder if they realize that their attack ad has probably gained you more supporters than you’ve lost over this. I too am not within your district, but if I was I would be paying more attention to you now than ever.

    Congratulations on holding up your (awesome) hobby! We need more people in politics that are in touch with reality. The reality that lots of people play video games legitimately.

    Good luck!

  17. Kathy Reply

    Well I dont live in Maine but I would group with you!

    48 yo female with 4 level 85+ chars!

  18. Keith D. Reply

    I don’t live in Maine, and in fact have only driven through it briefly once in my life, but if I did live there, I might vote for you. Even if I wouldn’t vote for you, I’d donate to your campaign over this attack.

    I’m also not a World of Warcraft player, but I do play plenty of other video games. I’m also a high school drop out, but I’d almost guarantee I spend more of my time as an adult studying and educating myself than the members of the GOP who are attacking you– it’s almost all I do besides sleep and work with occasional breaks to play some games every few months. To attack someone for being an online gamer is ridiculous. Do Democrats attack Republicans for how much time they spend gambling and looking at porn? (OK, sometimes they do, but generally only when it’s egregious and hypocritical)

    Just for fun, I’ll poke a few holes in Mr. Sorensen’s response.

    “Referring to herself as ‘lazy’ and writing about how she has been playing World of Warcraft all day and has gotten nothing done at work, combined with the number of hours most World of Warcraft gamers spend playing the game (22.7 per week, on average) and the number it must have taken her to reach such a high level – all raise questions about her work ethic and her ability to devote her time and energy to serving the people of Senate District 25 in a mature and effective manner.” – David Sorensen

    “Lazy” people often make the best workers, because their laziness will prompt them to find more efficient ways of getting the job done, thus improving the process and productivity of everyone who works with them and after them in the process. “Lazy” is not a problem unless it’s accompanied by a lack of work ethic– making the lack of work ethic the actual problem.

    “…combined with the number of hours most World of Warcraft gamers spend playing the game…” What does the amount of time most players spend playing this game have to do with you? Many of them are no doubt kids who don’t have jobs to do, skewing the average up quite a lot. Others play the game professionally and selling things using real world dollars, thus contributing to the real world economy in the process. That the GOP doesn’t make the connection here shows how small-minded and out of touch with the modern world they are.

    “…and the number it must have taken to her to reach such a high level…” What does Mr. Sorensen know about leveling in the game and how many hours it takes to do so? Is he also a player hiding in the closet? This is a curious detail for him to know about– a detail which makes one question how he has such knowledge, and/or why he is ignoring the rest of the knowledge it would require to have this knowledge that doesn’t suit his narrative (such as he knows about the time it takes because his kids play it, ignoring that kids probably play a lot more than most adults).

    “…all raise questions about her work ethic and her ability to devote her time and energy to serving the people of Senate District 25 in a mature and effective manner.” What level is your character Mr. Sorensen? Your lack of development in WoW raises questions about your work ethic and ability to devote your time and energy to serving the people of Maine in a mature and effective manner. It also suggests that you lack the ability to work with others– particularly others who are different from you within a diverse community.

    Sorensen’s comment reveals much more about him and his character than your gaming reveals about you and yours. It’s fascinating stuff when you delve into it.

    Keith D.
    Colorado and former Arizona gamer, and computer nerd for almost 34 years.

  19. Bob Luttman Reply

    The crap that gets left behind when the tide goes out. That’s what these insane haters are. The tide is ebbing on them, and they know it. All they are leaving behind is a legacy of hate, intolerance, violence, threats, intimidation, and ignorance. Wars on labor, women, and other people’s freedoms.

    I pity them and their hate. But, ignore them. Sanity is returning to Maine.

    No to insane hateful Republicans.

    Yes to being free to choose your own hobbies, read what you want, sing what you want, watch what you want, marry who you want.

    Yes to Colleen.

    Don’t boo them, vote them out! November 6th.

  20. Jaime/Pyrrah Reply

    Lok’tar Ogar!! Fellow WoW gamer, fellow hordie. Obviously these Republicans need something to attack you on and something to try to give a negative spin. Gaming is a healthy outlet, encourages critical and imaginative thinking, and promotes an environment where one needs to think on their feet. I don’t know enough about your policies to say I’d vote for you 100% if you were in my state/district, but as a fellow democrat, and female gamer you would have my support.

  21. Kairi Reply

    I hate admitting I lean Republican. STAND STRONG. Your rivals are disconnected noobs that have no grasp on the size of what they just committed themselves to. I suppose that my own party thinks I’m a cultist homicidal that totes around corpses everywhere cause I play GW2 and have a Necromancer. Gamer speak is for gamers only. Glad you stand for a guild and your guild is focused on supporting others. Clueless and disconnected, that’s all they have proven with that ad. Even as a Republican, I would vote AGAINST them. Last thing we need is EPIC FAIL NOOBS leading anything other than a golf cart, then it’s just funny 😉

  22. Lily Reply

    I just wanted to say, you are amazing! And the Maine Republication party needs to wake up to common sense.

    I really wish I lived in Maine, because I would vote for you in a heartbeat! After all those attacks, I’m actually positive you’ll get a lot of votes from the gamer population, even though who might not of looked into Maine’s issues before. Now, now they definitely will! And they’ll be on your side!

    Anyone who uses “gaming” as a negative stigma on someone is out of touch, and does not need to be running anything for the majority.

    Keep up the good fight!

  23. Alex Van Meter Reply

    To be fair, you’re not even in epics, how dare they say you waste too much time!

  24. Mike McFadden Reply

    Is it just me, or is “Entertainment Software Rating Board” linked to a Gmail attachment?

  25. Jon Jon Proton Reply

    I personally lean libertarian, but if I was in your district I would vote for you just out of disgust for your opponent’s character, if nothing else. Assaulting someone for playing video games on their off time is insane and revolting. If being naughty in a video game is a sign of moral degradation, than there will not be many humans alive in the US to run for office in a few years. Your opponent clearly has a hard time separating out fantasy from reality. I personally enjoy unwinding by playing a little Battlefield 3. Would your opponent declare me a terrorist sympathizer and murderer?

    I don’t live in Maine anymore, but I do have a few relatives in Clinton, which I believe is in your district (some of whom are gamers at that!). I will most certainly pass the word. Good luck to you!

  26. Michael Reply

    I just want to say that so far all your opponents have taught me is that they like to attack gamers and that you are pretty awesome. This makes me miss World of Warcraft a little, but I had to pull myself away cause it can be a bit of a problem for me. That you can maintain an account with endgame level characters in guilds running raids and be a successful politician simultaneously speaks volumes about your discipline and time management skills. How could people not want you in office?!

  27. Jupiter Bennett Reply

    I am totally appalled by the attacks you have received because of your love for online gaming.

    I have been playing WOW since vanilla, ( I am an Assassination Rogue, and proud of it!) I am pretty sure that the people who are attacking you for enjoying online gaming have some vice that is probably far more detrimental to themselves or society.

    Just because someone plays online games doesn’t mean that they don;t have a grip on reality.

    I can’t ever remember reading someone who plays Scrabble getting so hostile they went bonkers because they lost a game, which lead them on a homicidal rampage.

    Can’t say that I ever heard someone playing Angry Birds flipping out and losing their marbles and running around punting birds everywhere.

    Why would they think that playing a Rogue in Wow would make you any different?

    That is the most asinine thing I have ever heard.

    More time should be spent on debating issues that need the public’s attention like homelessness, health care and such, rather than deflecting issues and trying to divert the focus off of the real issues at hand that need our leaders attention, and actually warrant attention.

  28. GamerGrrl Reply

    I just wanted to say as a fellow female gamer (who even met her husband in Everquest and moved all the way to Europe for him), stay strong. It’s a shame that the GOP have to lower themselves to this level, especially since gaming in general has gone so mainstream in the last few years. It’s no different than sitting in front of the television for 30 hours a week and a heck of a lot more social! In fact, believe it or not, it can even earn you some job related skills! One of my tasks is to train remote employees who live elsewhere! Because I was raid leader and had to learn to be incredibly detailed, I can train almost anyone the first time over MSN or whatnot.

  29. Lisa Hawkins Reply

    Colleen I am behind you 100% and I wished I still lived in Maine. Sadly, I had to leave 6 years ago due to my job being outsourced (gee, thanks Rebublicans 😛 ). Anyway, my most burning question right now is about the pictures posted on their “smear” website. Do they have permission to use the picture of your orc toon? Did they bother to check and see if they needed permission?

  30. Leonie Reply

    I have no interest in the Maine elections, living on another continent as I do. I will, however, take a stand against political misdirection and immaturity in smear campaigns wherever I find them. Many of the points made by others in your comments are accurate and the Republican party is reaching a new level of childishness in catering to paranoia on this one. Hopefully the statements of commendation and massive increase in popularity of your campaign will speak for themselves, not to mention the glaring silence from the Republican party on the advantages of their actual policies for the people of Maine, which is what this election should be based on.

    Best of luck to you.

  31. Joel Huffman Reply

    I saw your story today on as well as, and unfortunately I am in Pennsylvania or I would vote for you in an instant. I am 32 years old, and it is attacks and reasoning like this that the GOP is completely lost to this generation and the one coming next.

    The GOP needs to realize that without embracing the culture and liberal society that exists today, they are going to die.

    Colleen, go kick their ass. I hope you annihilate them when people vote. Their slandering and resorting to low tactics will not win. Run a clean campaign and let the people in your district realize that you are a “real” person, not some backstabbing lowlife who puts on a good show for the camera.

  32. Hubert Huzzah Reply

    I am from the UK so no donations and no votes here. My response was this:

    who is the republican party to criticise games in a fantasy world. they live in a fantasy world where millions of people living on food stamps is acceptable. where a decade long war that has cost billions and achieved nothing is acceptable. where bailing out bankers and corporations again and again is acceptable. Yet for someone to find a healthy outlet that entertains is not acceptable. they are deluded. their fantasy world is killing real people.

    If idiots like the GOP are elected then I, for one, will be looking around for non American Games to play. How many jobs do the Republicans want to risk: do they even know how large the Games Sector is?

  33. Mark (Editor - ISPreview UK) Reply

    As a Brit I don’t have much say but as a fellow gamer I’d like to say – THANKS! Thanks for putting up with the idiots of the world and fighting for common sense.

    Luckily there’s quite a few of us online gamers around and we’re very protective of our flock 🙂 .

  34. Steve Branch Reply

    Best of luck to you and your campaign. You shouldn’t be attacked for this.

  35. Mark Thompson Reply

    Go Girl! As a european I can’t believe how personal US elections can get. If you were standing for election where I lived I wouldn’t care what your hobbies were or what you did in you personal life so long as you represented me to the best of your ability.

    Hope you win!

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  37. Phil Reply

    I’m a Brit, so before now I had no idea who you were until I saw the story on the BBC. I have to congratulate your Republican opponents for causing you so much positive press! They are clearly completely out of touch with modern society.

    I’m a 42 year old male, been playing WoW since vanilla, met my fiancee through the game. Not a bad result for a mere hobby.

    Oh, and I hate rogues and the Horde. For the Alliance! For Gnomeregan!

  38. Earl Johnston Reply

    Where can I find someone like you to vote for where I live? I can’t even stand to listen to our local politicians anymore since they seem strikingly similar to the ones bashing your online profile. All this shows is just how disconnected from the population they are, and how little they have changed since they hit puberty.

  39. Art Reply

    I swa your story on the BBC and like you I am seemingly a danger to society being a happily married man aged 57. I have a wife who puts up with my gaming love and whom I have a terrible tendancy to love rather than stab in the back.

    My daughter manages to combine being a social worker caring for abused children with firefights in Call of Duty (oh my goodness, think of the children..umm, yes, that’s what she does).

    It seems a lot American politics seems to revolve around besmirching your candidate rather than being about your responsibilities as elected officials or care for the constituants. The comments made by your opponent does nothing to dispell this view but your dignified response does.

  40. Chad Reply

    I saw your story on arstechnica and am appalled that politics would stoop so low. As a child growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I played D&D and had to deal with the whole “Satanic” stigma associated with the game. I thought we as a society had finally grown past such stereotypes but evidently not. Wish I lived in your district… I’d vote for you in a second.

  41. Tom Keria Reply

    I’m British and the moment I read on the BBC about what happened I just had to comment. The majority of people in Europe laugh at most of the things republicans do but wow, this one just takes the cake. It just shows how archaic and removed from reality the Republicans are.
    Keep on rolling, you can do it!!!
    I would post a warcraft quote as support but I don’t want republicans to run a mile with it as a sign that gamers are the spawn of Satan.

  42. Brian Reply

    After seeing a blurb in the news about you being attacked for playing a game in your free time I just had to come find your site! Good luck on the race and I hope this silly attack in the long run nets you more votes.
    Keep them real for all of us unproductive gamers that work full time go to school full time and still play a game in what little spare time we have. Off to play Diablo 3 for a short bit!


  43. Esox Reply

    Like many, I’m outraged that there has been an attempt to impugn your character based on an online game – if there is any justice it will backfire on them (as it should).
    I’m a 47 year old College Professor and an Orc Shaman.
    I wish you all the best.

  44. Scott Schiller Reply

    Good on you, I wish I lived in Maine I would definately vote for another 35+ gamer. Duel me? DK > Rogue btw.

  45. Gabe Reply

    I would love to donate to your campaign, though I’ve been unable to sort out a link for that; can you let us know how to do this?

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  48. Kenneth Fillinger Reply

    Hi Colleen —

    I just wanted to drop you a note and say that I wished I lived in Maine and could support you up there. I’ve been seeing the GOP smear campaign on your gaming hobbies popping up on all the major news sites – and frankly, it reeks.

    Clearly the folks up there in the GOP are disconnected from the population at large — and they obviously don’t realize that the world is going to be more ‘pro-gamer’ as the years roll-by.

    I was a long time Everquest gamer (and loved other games like Civilization, etc — which I still play), and would argue that those games helped to develop me into a better person. With the MMORPG games — you learn how to work with people and become part of a team to accomplish goals. With RTS/TBS games — you learn the importance of planning and proper allocation of resources. Taken together — this has made me a much better business person and team leader; and has definitely had a net positive affect on my management strategies.

    Don’t let them get you down with their crazy/outdated attacks! Good luck in the coming elections!!

  49. Ilse Reply

    I’m not even from the US, but read about this over here and I just wanted to show my support even though I can do much but post a message here.
    I’m an adult female gamer, mostly console, and I play online with lots of people. Male, female and all age groups, even men and women over 70. They all have a career, a family and a life outside this hobby. Some people like to go fish, others like to read or sing and some people like to play games. It is no ones business what you do to entertain yourself when you don’t hurt anyone and break any laws.
    I wonder if they would feel the same if you enjoyed playing board games…
    If I could vote, you would have it!

  50. Steven Lacey Reply

    As a 41 year old gamer from South Carolina, I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of support for you from this ridiculous smear-campaign. I would classify this as the “least-skeleton-like-skeleton” in anyone’s closet, ever. I am baffled at the level of fail this sort of tactic involves. Are your opponents really so desperate to score points that this was the best they could come up with? I’d be careful, next thing you know they may gain access to your library usage. “Oh, my word! It would appear that last year, Candidate Lachowicz checked out the fourth season of The West Wing on DVD! (GASP!) She *obviously* has a fairy-tale idea of how politics are supposed to work!” Just to be safe, I would make sure you keep them away from your Spotify playlist and Netflix viewing habits….

  51. Good for you Reply

    I wish I lived in Maine so that I could vote for you. Even the GOP knows they are being slimy jerks – I mean, the website says not endorsed by any candidate. So they want it both ways – trash you, but not tie the mud slinging to their candidate. I fear this is the future of our world as we get more and more of our lives online.

  52. William LaMorie Reply


    Seeing this attack on a fellow gamer over, well gaming, makes me realize just how little changes in the GOP. Despite what they would like to sell us about who they are now versus who they were 20-30 years ago, I can’t help but recall the moral majorities attacks on D&D in the 80’s when I see this pile of claptrap. While this is likely a sad attempt on the part of party that can’t hit you on the real issues, the fact that they view gaming as an attackable issue is pretty sick in and of itself.

    Additionally, I would like to point out, as a retired EVE player, just how sickening the timing of this attack is to me. While your opponent and his cronies might thing that MMO’s aren’t something that responsible people can fit into their lives, Sean Smith, AKA Vile_Rat of Goonfleet, seemed to be able to balance a over a decade of civil service with the State Department with 6 years of EVE play, and did so just fine until he was one of those Americans who were murder in attacks on the American Embassy attacks in Libya last month. Would your opponent, I wonder, suggest that Sean’s EVE hobby made him a less able American, and less able civil servant? How about the large host of military personnel that fill the ranks of so many guilds, clans, corps and other online game societies? Are they less able or less valorous defenders of our nation as a result of their gameplay? I don’t think so.

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  54. P.F. Bruns Reply

    Colleen, if I ever move to your district, or if you ever move down here, I will vote for you–in the real world or online. I am a gamer too, and your articulate defense of gaming sets an excellent example for the rest of us–all 183 million (in the U.S. alone).

  55. Jen Reply

    I wish I was in your district to vote for you. How politically bankrupt and desperate do you have to be to base an entire ‘hate campaign’ around a hobby and make it out into something bad.

    They’ve even used your comments on wanting a fair tax system as an indicator you shouldn’t be voted in.

    I think your opponents will find they’re doing your campaign more good than harm… and that how out of touch they are.

    Good luck girl.

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  57. Laurie Allen Reply

    I wish I lived in your district! I am Libertarian in my political habits and I must say what a refreshing change to have someone who actually has a life run for office. As a 50 year old mom to 4, full time worker and video gamer extraordinaire, I salute you! I am a Draenei Warrior, of the Proud Race. (I also love Resident Evil, Halo and Call of Duty.). What a lame attempt by the Republican candidate to draw attention away from the real issues.

  58. Christine Reply

    I wish I lived in Maine…I would be looking forward to election day and vote for you. Stay classy!

  59. Ashley Reply

    This attack is so juvenile of them. Good for you for taking the high road and calling them out over ignoring the real issues and resorting to this kind of ludicrous smear campaign. I’m Canadian so I can’t help you with a vote but best of luck to you in your campaign.

  60. Peggy Reply

    Almost makes me want to move to Waterville. I’m leading a workshop this afternoon at Waterville High School. Although Banned books is only tangentially my target I will definitely mention this.

  61. Anon36 Reply

    Unfortunately I’m a few dozen states too far south to vote for you, and 1 recent baby too stretched to donate anything of value, but you have my support. Hopefully you will get a “revenge of the nerds” situation, where people like me who normally just don’t vote, would come out of the woodwork to support you! stay strong!

  62. Tarek Reply

    I am not a resident of Maine, but I felt the need to chime in. I also game online and have played WoW as an Undead rogue, a race that cannibalizes. In contrast, I have a Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems, and am a left-leaning vegan. To say the character you play is indicative of the type of person you are is like saying anyone who plays a villain in a movie is a horrible person in reality. The GOP is so out of touch with reality that it manifests in a pathetic attack like this. I suppose I shouldn’t expect anything more from people who support canned hunting and shooting wolves from helicopters for fun. Good luck!

  63. Craig Reply

    Hi, I’m scottish and picked up on an article on the BBC website about the republicans attacking the fact you are a gamer. I just think its shocking! Its very petty and childish. As you say, they should be telling the public about what they can provide the people & run things etc. Not making personal jabs at the competition. Although I cant influence it in any way, I hope you are voted in as they deserve to lose. Good luck

  64. Erik Reply

    Hi Colleen. I am a person who is between 30 and 40 who plays games. I love WoW. It’s my escape from the stress of family and job and everything else in life. I have always considered myself a republican, it’s how I was raised. This type of attack? This is making me rethink who I align myself with. I have never chosen a side because I fall between the two, but this is ridiculous. I just don’t get how a group of people can be so out of touch with anyone who is under the age of 60. I really wish you well in the coming elections, and I hope there are enough people smart enough to read past this blatant smear and vote based on the politics of you and your opponent, and not how you choose to spend your free time.

    Also, Deaths Per Second? Really? If you’re going to pull this type of garbage, at least check your facts.

  65. Tommy Reply

    Where is your paypal link so I can contribute to your campaign? I don’t know how much money is the limit without having to give more information than you get from paypal, but maybe there is a way to add the name, address, occupation info onto a paypal link.

  66. M. Clegg Reply

    I am 49 and I play WOW. I am also attending college and holding a 3.94 gpa, which is amazing as I am not a fan of school. But my playing WOW does not affect my gaming and I can see that it does not affect your Job. SO go out and win the election (Which I wish I could help vote you in) and then play as often as your free time allows. You know the difference between RL and the fantasy worlds. The GOP is still in there dream world that does not exist or they would see the crap we are all dealing with.

  67. Nodes Reply

    Another Brit here, (Alliance Warlock Terenas EU), just spotted this on the BBC website. Amazed and appalled at these kinds of tactics, they should be ashamed of themselves. As usual they try and obfuscate the fact that they are floundering with no real answers for the American People by trying to pick on and make an issue of something that has absolutely no relation to the issues they should be discussing, which is what’s best for the people.
    Maybe the republicans should change their symbol to a Dinosaur…stuck in a tar pit.
    I would also like to wish you every success in your campaign; I hope you wipe the floor with them.

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  69. Vickey A. Beaver Reply

    Ms. Lachowicz:

    I got wind of your situation by way of a restricted tabletop RPG industry list. That necessarily means I don’t just play games, but I work to bring them to life.

    The funny thing about that post was that it provided a link to a UK news source reporting on the bizarre course of action your opponent’s party has taken in trying to use your perfectly legal participation in a hobby that is in a multi-million dollar industry. Even people in totally different countries are scratching their heads about this.

    As one gamer to another, I’m glad you are meeting the criticism head-on rather than making some apology for having the audacity to participate in a world-wide hobby that brings you joy and stress relief.

    I’ve met with criticism of gaming, too. It has made me that much more frank about what I do. I never hide it. I don’t see why I should. And I’m glad you aren’t hiding it either.

    Best wishes for bringing a sense of being in touch with the general populace to politics! We need more in-touch politicians all over our country and in every level of service.

  70. Qerrathien Reply

    I read about this and I wanted to tell you that the whole of the warcraft community has your back. What they are doing is invasion of online privacy, something I think you can bite back at them with. What you do as a hobby is not any of their business, especially if it is gaming and them pulling this information up from your personal files is not right by any means.
    Lok’tar Ogar and Game Hard! M.N.

  71. Daniel Reply

    Stick to the issues and you could win the election if they’re so concerned with your hobbies. ARS Technica made a good point, the average American spends 30+ hours in front of the TV, so playing computer games is such a non-issue by comparison.

  72. Gearbhall Reply

    Clearly your opponents are out of touch, as you clearly either quit wow, or at least quit your rogue after the start of Cataclysm. They aren’t even attacking something that you are currently doing. Even if you still played, your armory doesn’t show any indication of an unhealthy addiction.

    I am a registered independent, with some conservative leanings. That said, I would vote for you given the chance since you have the potential to, not only represent your state, but also the gaming community that is so under-represented in our government. Sadly, I am currently in the wrong state.

    They just won you the gamer vote in your state, a mistake on their part. It makes me, as a gamer, excited to see a fellow gamer having the opportunity to represent us in the Senate.

    Good luck,

    For those that are curious:

  73. Renee (Aislan) Reply


    Not sure if you know that folks have created an Act Blue contribution page for you. Thought that you might want to add the link to your post.

    Miss playing with you but I think that you are doing the right thing by running for office and potentially actually making changes for the better in local politics.

  74. James Brown (UK) Reply

    Keep gaming Colleen!!!! – A gamer president would be the best thing to ever happen to the world. FOR THE HORDE!!!!!

  75. Thomas Reply

    I may be British and I may not know that much about you or your party but I still wish to offer you my sincere encouragment. The way that you have dealt with this ludicrous attack on your character and the very fact that you have such a normal hobby as gaming tells me that unlike some you seem to be in touch with the world as it is today. I believe that in any ruling body the main element that it should be composed of is the the ability to keep up with the changing world and act accordingly rather than what tradition might dictate. Hopefully you’ll succeed in your campaign and still have enough time to have a laugh on world of Warcraft.

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  77. Jay Baron Reply

    Very classy response! This whole thing blew up across my twitter feed and I just had to take a peek, because here in Canada politics are relatively boring.

    Your opponents are hilariously out of touch and just made incredible fools of themselves. This can only get better if it ends up on Jon Stewart.

    I’m a long-time gamer. My wife has several high level WoW characters. And our son just can’t wait to have the hand-eye coordination to handle a controller himself, though he does enjoy waving a Wiimote around. There is nothing wrong with any of us, our work ethic or our ability to manage our household. I imagine there are thousands of voters in your district who fall in the same boat and feel similarly offended by this attack. Good luck with the race!

  78. IanS Reply

    I’m a former Mainer, a successful designer and business man transplanted to NYC, a father of 2 beautiful children, and a loyal loving and supportive husband. I’ll also share my sub rog pulls like 35k dps single target and that I love this game tons. I would honestly use their charges against them. Bullying for being “nerdy” is very 20 years ago…

  79. Marc Baas Reply

    I read the story of how the Republicans are attacking you for your online hobby today in a Dutch newspaper (news travels fast and far these days).

    Unfortunatly I cannot vote for you, because I live in Italy (but I’m a Dutch citizen), but I would like to take this opportunity to show you my support. If nothing else, moral and emotional.
    Aside from how I feel about how the Republicans are handling this attack (kindergarden anyone?), it also shows how much these people are lagging behind the very society they are looking to govern. Not only is online gaming one of the main sources of entertainment for millions of people around the world, it is also a very ‘social’ and inspiring way to do this. Especially for a politician.

    What better way is there to learn about people than to do the things they do, in an anonymous way? As to not intimidate people with your profession, but still getting to know the common online gamer. Your opponents could learn from this.

    I myself have been an avid online gamer for years. Unfortunatly I lack the time these days, but I’ve had a splendid time with games like World of Warcraft, and I would recommend it to everyone, ESPECIALLY older people. For lots of people this is the only way of having social interaction with others. Think of people who cannot walk, elderly who only have their room in a nursing home, etc. Lots and lots of these people use online games to have a better quality life due to the social interaction it gives them.

    So as far as I’m concerned, play all you want. And if people want to judge you based upon that, they obviously need some serious help. People should be judged upon their qualifications, not their pass time hobbies. That’s absurd.

    Good luck with your campaign!

  80. Victoryana Reply

    So right now there are roughly 12M WoW players who all wish they lived in your district. Way to go Girl!

    lvl 83 Holy Human Priest

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  82. Keith K Reply

    Hey, I’m not from Maine but this story hits home regardless of what state it is in. Gaming is a large part of my life and yet I still manage to be very successful in heavy responsibility highly technical jobs, I don’t see why politics would be any different.
    Their smear campaign against your gaming passion is going to backfire on them real hard. I don’t think they realize how many gamers there are in this world. Publicly attacking gamers like this is kind of like threatening Tyler Durden.
    To quote the movie:
    “Look, the people you are after are the people you depend on. We cook your meals, we connect your calls, we guard you while you sleep. Do not f*** with us.”

  83. Jolj in S.C. Reply

    I have voted in the GOP for 34 years.
    I wonder if you record in the Real world is so shining & great that the GOP has to talk about your down time to make you look bad. They are still doing a poor job of it.
    I think you real world record should be the only thing that the GOP looks at.
    Good luck in the polls.

  84. Stephen Daly Reply

    I was linked here from an article on BBC news. I am 46 years old, proud to be an American, and an unabashed player of computer games. I cannot give Colleen my vote (I live in Pennsylvania) but she has my best wishes.

  85. Ilya Taytslin Reply

    Colleen —

    I wish you played DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online) instead of World of Warcraft. Then Sorensen could have trotted out “D&D is satanic!” canard. 🙂

    I do not live in Maine, and never heard about you until today. Which kind of shows how GOP attack on you is backfiring. Good luck!

  86. Marta Cruz Reply

    I’m Portuguese and I live in Spain, so I have nothing to do with US politics, but it shocks me the kind of tactics used by politis everywhere to besmirch their opponents.
    So what if you play WoW in your free time? I’m 33 years old and I do the same. In fact, I play with my husband (38), my mother (53), my brother (25) and my cousin (19). It’s a way to clear our head after a stressful day at work and though some may consider it a violent game, ther are lot’s of activities in WoW that have nothing to do with violence.
    I think that your choice of hobby shouldn’t be viewed as negative, but as a positive trait. And it’s none of the republican’s business, because it doesn’t harm anyone at all… except the Alliance chars in PVP. 😉
    Have fun and good luck in the elections

  87. Brendan Reply

    I had never heard of you before this was reported on, but as a fellow gamer, and as a human being who hopes for a baseline level of civility in political discourse, this is highly offensive. Regardless of your politics, you don’t deserve to be mocked for your hobbies or pastimes, especially when there is so much more of substance to talk about about in any given election. It just shows how desperate and clueless your opponents are.

  88. Ioannes Reply

    I work in academia. My colleagues include internationally respected authors, researchers, and professors. All of them love video games–enough that they have devoted a substantial portion of their lives to researching, talking, and playing games.

    The field of Digital Humanities (which includes video games) is not something which is ‘on the horizon’ or ‘developing’–it is something which is already here, and which has been here for some time. The MLA (Modern Language Association) recognises this. Universities recognise it. In my experience, the vast majority of ‘normal people’ recognise it. Apparently, the Republican Party does not recognise it.

    Gaming is not unusual, it is not a slight, it is not a pejorative, and it is not an insult with which one can demean one’s opponent. In fact, it is the opposite: it shows that an individual is in touch with the issues that are currently on the table in the highest fields of study and research. After all, journals such as Eludamos and PMLA are full of gaming-related material. Does the Republican Party suggest that all of these professors and doctors should be stripped of their posts because, in playing WoW, we are somehow a danger to our students?

    No. For, if we were disconnected from our students’ lifestyles, then we would be a considerable danger to them and to their intellectual formation. We would be unable to teach them anything about the world in which *they actually live*.

    But the real danger here is that the Republican Party would rather focus on something irrelevant that they refuse to understand, accept, or investigate, rather than attend to substantive debate on relevant issues. After all, it is far easier to poke fun at someone for being different from oneself than it is to actually answer to the arguments they make.

    In other words, the Republican Party are behaving like bullies. And, in the experience of this educator and academic, it is never a good thing to reward bullies. I shall vote accordingly.

  89. Kayeri/Kaylen Reply

    I saw this on the news today and could not believe anyone would attempt to use being a WoW player against a political adversary. I am 47 years old, a wife, mother, taker-of-kids-to-school, and I am a gamer. I don’t live anywhere near Maine, but I hope your opponent goes down in the election. What a contemptible turn of events and if I knew his name, I’d find his website and explain to him, gently mind you, that he is an idiot and just offended a lot more people than he ever suspected.

    btw, Rogues rock, but I’m Alliance, not Horde! =)

  90. Gordon West Reply

    Professional IT Manager, aged 40 and fellow gamer and WoW player. To attack someone for their hobby, particularly one involving the tactical min/maxing depth of WoW reeks of 1970/80s politics and shows how out of touch the Republicans are.

    Thank you for being up front and honest about your hobby. I wonder if those attacking you would be so open about their hobbies?

  91. Fx Reply

    I don’t play graphical games and have not for many years. I’m more of an old-school gamer. To this day my all time favourite game is on the Atari 2600. That console actually has more than one of my all time favourites. I’m more into text games (as far as favourites) and really always have been (with exception of some console games). I did play the Warcraft series (and wasn’t too fond of it mostly for one reason or another) and I have played WoW( after a friend asked me to) but I got bored of it. Some of the games I loved look to younger people like just a screen with random colours on it (as I’ve been told by a younger friend). But in other words, I have a long history of playing games: consoles, computers and otherwise; graphical and text. It was very therapeutic and that is something I needed, for sure. There is nothing wrong playing games and I think it allows people to have another point of view (something the GOP seem to not be aware of, in many ways).

    To that end, I find the gop attack on you as another example of how low they are. I saw this through on the BBC (I’m from California, mind you) and one thing they say is:

    “An orc is a mythical human-like creature, generally described as fierce and combative.” Granted. And although the BBC isn’t responsible for the attack, I would not be surprised if the gop were thinking like this. Well, “reality” check to the gop: orcs in many fantasy worlds became this way after being abused, attacked, and so on. Like, say, as explained here:

    Personally I would rather be ‘aggressive’ (etc) because I was abused instead of just being a vicious, heartless and selfish being by nature (like the gop). I guess the gop could be seen as the reason you “are” an “orc”. Maybe that won’t sound to everyone the way it is intended but it basically means: they are ruthless and attacking over something 100% irrelevant (as often is the case) and Colleen is good at heart (didn’t do anything wrong but the gop did)

    There is nothing wrong with games. Many say it’s the reason there is so much violence in this world. Funny that. I played pretty much every violent game (and many many hours a day!) for YEARS (to the astute reader: yes, I also play a lot of text games. that’s my preference but I still had a lot of fun with violent and non violent video games) and on top of that I have serious mental health issues (at times reality testing issues) AND I was very much abused in the public schools (by the school officials and the students). I was accused of so many things, and being some awful person. Yet, I wasn’t the one setting fires or planting pipe bombs or any other number of things that happened at the schools I went to.

    If what they say about violent games were true, and you consider everything I went through (internally and externally), you’d think I’d be some violent and aggressive person. As a matter of fact: I don’t like weapons at all (and I can’t even tolerate being around firearms). Personal preferences but it says a great deal. And while the issue of schools is not exactly related to gaming, it is interesting because there is way too much abuse in schools. They blame the shootings on games and movies and such all the while ignoring what they can physically see every day (in other words: they ignore one of the real problems [of many; it’s not a single cause] and find an easy scapegoat).

    Fact of the matter is that games are not real and it really comes down to vulnerability in the real world. Indeed, much like mental illness is a combination of environment, upbringing and genes, so too are these types of things.

    In many ways games are actually the opposite of what some claim. For me, it let me get a lot of anger out without getting in a physical fight (even though there were many times I probably should have for my own safety, sadly).

    Best of luck in the election and enjoy your gaming. It is very much a form of therapy (much like laughter) and that (therapy) is something many people are afraid of or just simply ignore.

  92. Charles Rawls Reply

    As a 50+ year old gamer, (who has listened to this type of attack from the days of D&D), I really can only say one phrase to describe the “person” who made this an “issue.” – L A M E R ! ! ! ! or if I happen to be in the U.K. — W A N K E R ! ! ! !

    (BTW, in my real world gig, I am a division head for a global consultancy, and in my private life I am a CTO / CSO for more human rights and non profits than I want to think about. So all the cruft about gamers being “dregs of society”, “satan worshipers”, and the like is just that… CRUFT!)

    If you get real lucky, you might just run into you opponent on the playing fields….. And then, “May the Best Orc Win”

  93. sean fogarty Reply

    I must say you are one sick women God forbid if you get any election our country is in enough trouble without people like you. I really hope you get the help you need and I feel sorry for your children

  94. Bob Flavell Reply

    Republicans being clueless…out-of-touch…hateful…insulting to a large segment of the population?

    What else is new?

  95. Erik Rohling Reply

    I’m actually a registered republican and avid gamer, I saw the article posted on BBC and tried calling the Maine Republican HQ to inquire just what their rationale was for posting the coleensworld website. I tried discussing this with them and sharing some of my own experiences as both a republican and a gamer and they honestly didn’t listen and kept parroting over and over that you had “Advocated killing the governor” I was really getting angry because I was trying to help someone, and expressing the concern that they alienate so many people by these actions, it just seemed like some staffer with no presence of mind attacking someone they don’t know for doing something perfectly normal and healthy.

    I’m saddened that someone was this awful to you, and I wish you luck in your campaign.

    If this really is the state of the Maine Republicans, they’re so out of touch that they aren’t qualified to run anything outside of a nursing home dining room. I’m not ok with anyone claiming to represent me if this is the route they take.

  96. Momar Reply

    Go get ’em Colleen. If they can’t see how playing video games is less passive than watching TV, movies and other forms of entertainment, they don’t deserve anyone’s vote.

    My only question for you is, “WHY AREN’T YOU PLAYING GUILD WARS 2 YET?!”

    Good luck!

  97. PeterM Reply

    Like many others who have commented, I neither live in Maine nor in the US, I’m British. If I hadn’t read about this on the BBC News website I would have thought it was a joke. It is frankly laughable that your opposition has taken (wasted?) time to set up a web site and prepare a whole lot of material about this. Quite clearly they are clutching at straws and whilst I have no idea of any of the policies being put forward, I’d be a little worried about the party picking on the fact that you play WoW rather than covering the important stuff. It is truly pathetic on their part, so good luck in your campaign. If yours are the best policies, then you deserve to win!

  98. Daniel Black Reply

    I am a former trucker, a current Fantasy writer, and a Lvl 85 Blood Elf Mage. I can’t believe these people went after you on playing WoW, I have played this game while I drove all over the country, and while writing three novels, and it has not slowed me down. Keep up the fight!

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  100. John Reply


    I just wanted to say that although I cannot vote for you, I am 100% behind you. I am a fellow WoW player and have been for a number of years.

    I am mature enough to be a father, home owner, I have never been unemployed and I am very successful in my career in London.

    My parents both play MMORPG’s including WoW and they are in their 50’s

    Regardless of the narrow minded comments people have been saying about you, people have different ways in order to escape from the stresses of every day life.

    So after another 14 hour day, I am about to play WoW for an hour or so before I go to bed.

    Good Luck to you!!

  101. Jennifer Reply

    Arizona here! I’ve been a gamer since way before online games were invented. How utterly absurd that your hobby is the focus of an attack like this! Best wishes from the Grand Canyon State and I’m hoping to read about a landslide victory!

    Jennifer RN, Mom and long time gamer

  102. Ignacio Puppo Reply

    I really hope this stupid stunt of theirs backfires. I bet that this will get you a better exposure(in a good way) that what they expect, heck, I’m not even on your country, but after this I already look down on the oposition.
    Good luck on your campaign!

  103. Diana Reply

    I can’t believe they’re going after you for /video games/. Seriously… what? Just what? First off, I think it’s awesome that you game. Second, anyone going after you for this is either a fossil or seriously disconnected from, you know, all of society?

    Oh, wait, this is the Republican Party we’re talking about.


  104. ChungDung Reply


    I am a very proud republican as well as a gamer. And i do have to say that i was incredibly disgusted and dumbfounded by this story written about you. The Maine Republican party is obviously intellectually lacking at the moment. They should be walking with their tail between their legs right now. I just wanted to let you know that some of us, although we typically disagree on political issues, can definitely agree that this article is beyond ridiculous. I wish you great luck in your campaign to serve the people of Maine, and hopefully you win… because if this is the worst thing opponents can say about you, well then there must not be much wrong.

    –Chung from Wyoming

  105. April Reply

    You go GIRL! Nothing wrong with blowing off steam in a video game. The fact that that is what they are attacking you with makes you the best canidate out there. I wish I lived in Maine so I could vote for you!

  106. wd Reply

    I am an attorney, a C-level executive of a small company, father, homeowner and a lifelong Republican.

    I am also a Worgen (previously night elf) hunter that has raided on a casual basis on nearly every raid content since the launch of WoW.

    if I lived in Maine you probably would be one of a (very) small handful of Democrats I would have voted for in my lifetime. In the coming years the number of gamers that run for political office will undoubtedly increase substantially. Unfortunately reactions such as those made by the Maine Republican Party fail to observe the fact that todays gamers are yesterday’s chess, backgammon and card players.

  107. Mike Reply

    I can tell by the desperate attack on your hobbies that your opponent is a noob when it comes to a logical argument. Good luck! (p.s. I’m technically “conservative” and even I would support you knowing that this is what you are up against.)

  108. Daniel Reply

    Good for you! Never let anyone tell you what to do in your free time.

    A ridiculous reason for a political attack

  109. Ella Reply

    I came across your story on the bbc news website tonight and just wanted to add my voice to the support you are getting. I am a 40 year old ,married mother of two ,from Scotland. I work as a lead teacher on a nature reserve and am also an avid gamer. The idea that all gamers are immature kids with no jobs sitting for hours in their bedrooms is ridiculous.
    You opponant obviously hasnt a clue about the demographic of gamers these days, and clearly has nothing of relevance to say about real political issues if he has to stoop this low.
    I appreciate you taking the time to stand up for gamers in the middle of your campaign, it’s not something we should ever have to apologise for or feel embarrassed about.

  110. Lisa Brown Reply

    I’ve wondered for years when this kind of faked up “scandal” would hit politics. Sorry you’re the one that took the hit. I’m in the over 50 group of gamers, a grandmother with a degree in physics, a geologist husband and a grandson who has played WOW since he was three. (When he could pry one of the grownups off their computer, now he has his own.) I’ve had bosses who frowned on employees who play MMOs, or any games at all.

    Don’t let the jerks get to you. I saw only a bit of your interview on CNN. Brook’s (wrong) assumptions about what’s proper are often wrong. You’re in the best of company; she managed to tick off Morgan Freeman, even.

    Win or lose, the game goes on. The neocons will someday come into the 20th century and may, eventually, join us in the 21st. Live your life, play your game, win your race!

    Barrelwyn, Lord of the Rings Online, 75 Burglar (I like stabbing things, too.) Game on!

    “Play energizes us and enlivens us. It eases our burdens. It renews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities.”
    Stuart Brown, MD
    Contemporary American psychiatrist

    “It is a happy talent to know how to play.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    American writer

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  112. Michael. Reply

    Woaw – Somehow, attacking someone for their online gaming habits would seem like a suicide attempt. Seeing how many thrives in those different universes.
    Keep going strong 🙂 I’m pretty sure you got a lot of support from the most of the gaming society, simply by being a part of it. Not something people outside the gaming society would understand.
    I’m not really able to vote for you, but just wanted to share some thoughts with all those ‘omg stabbing something that isn’t alive is insane….” How about, you people in the real world, stop stabbing, b*mbing and murdering something that IS alive first. Then we’ll talk 😉
    Atleast we can stab each other online, laugh about who’s the biggest noob and still be best friends. Without going to war.. I see how we are the bad ones ^^ (read last part with sarcasm please)
    Kind regards,
    All round good guy, Michael – A fellow gaming … thingy … 🙂

  113. Dan Reply

    Well I am from the UK, so in some ways what I think is irrelevant.

    Regardless, as an ex-gamer, I have spent a great deal of time online playing games. I regret it. In many cases it is not a healthy lifestyle and gets in the way of what should be the priority. WoW is one of the most addictive games, and one has to ask, will this get in the way of what should be Ms. Lachowicz’ priority?

    • Eeshatae Reply

      No. Not likely. I work 40 hours weekly, take care of my home, spend time with family and friends and play wow some every evening. My bases are covered. I have no doubt her’s are as well.

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  115. Terri Mccarty Reply

    You know what? I only wish I lived in Maine to vote for you! This obvious smear tactic by the Republicans is ridiculous. I am all for you. You stay strong.

  116. Terri Mccarty Reply

    Oh and yes as a fellow Horde Death Knight with top of the chart DPS. I LOVE ONLINE Combat too!!! Sometimes even a mother of 4 needs to unwind on daily life situations. It’s better than antidepressants for goodness sakes.

  117. Corlis Reply

    I’m really, really ashamed of what the Republicans are doing to you. It’s definitely a low blow and yet another reminder of why I left the party. <3

    For the Alliance!

  118. Harry Parker Reply

    Hi Colleen, I’m an Aussie here and wish more of our pollies played online games instead of playing games with our country.
    World of Warcraft is a game that can be played on a great many levels but, as stated by Blizzard, it is designed to be played as a co-operative experience with groups from 3 (as of MOP) up to 25 people working together to achieve a common goal and it is a game that has made me friends from all over Australia, New Zealand, US, Europe and Japan. If working together and making friends is a bad thing then I’ll just have to put up with being bad I suppose.

    Lok’tar Ogar fellow Horde.

    P.S. I read a study not long ago that corporations are looking at WoW guild leaders as good prospects for high end management positions as the skill set needed to run a large active guild is much the same as those needed in the corporate world. So gaming can get you a good job, go figure.

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  121. London Calling Reply

    I saw an article about you on the website. I wish you were a politician representing me in London! It only shows how desperate your rivals are and how you are a normal person and not a stiff. All the best in your campaign!

  122. Matteaus Reply


    While I may be a conservative with Libertarian leanings it is beyond dishonorable how your opponents are attacking you. World of Warcraft is a perfectly legitimate hobby, and whichever staffer thought these attacks might work probably hasn’t seen the recent numbers of World of Warcraft subscribers or the Mists of Pandaria sales since release. Keep up the good fight and remember the words of Saurfang the Elder “Honor, never forsake it!”


  123. Paul A Reply


    Like many here, I read your story on the BBC’s website. I do not know who you are, and I’m certainly not in your constituency (I reside in New York), but I just want you to know that you’re awesome for playing WoW (I’m more of a Guild Wars fan myself, but MMORPGS are fun in general). The questions about your fitness for office are completely unfounded, and I hope your opponents lose, because someone that petty and who thinks that this is a brilliant idea is clearly unfit for office.

  124. Roberta Trosper Reply

    I don’t find it surprising that the Republicans are attacking you for this. They probably also think you need a pentagram drawn in blood on the floor to connect online to play World of Warcraft.. hahahaha
    I’ve been on WoW for 3 years myself, I play both alliance and horde, and have a rogue or two also. I’m also the average age for a gamer (35), and I’m a mother and wife. WoW is also a family pastime for my husband and my son and I. Two computers make it fun for us to take turns playing together, or playing with guild-mates as far as the UK and Canada. It’s cheaper to buy a couple of monthly WoW subscriptions than it is to go to the movies as a family.
    As far as their attacks on you for your gamer-life on line, it’s ridiculous! With all the politicians getting into hot water for leading secret lives, drug use, paying for ‘ladies of the evening’ with tax payer money, and all the other junk you hear about on the news, yet… whoop dee doo! You play WoW! You’d think you’d just went back in time and tried to explain to people of the dark ages that the earth is in fact round, or like trying to explain quantum physics to Sarah Palin.
    I so wish I lived in Maine.. you’d have my vote!
    *shakes pom poms and cheers you on*

  125. Sabrina Miller Reply

    Lok’tar Ogar, sister of the Horde! Although I am in Michigan, I am also a Democrat and I have used ActBlue to support your team in Maine. Every time I think that attacks from the right cannot possibly become any more irrelevant, ridiculous and obscenely personal, I come across something like this. I am happy to see so many others have come out to support you against this nonsense. Best wishes to you!

  126. Ken Mitchell Reply

    As a right-wing conservative Libertarian, I feel that it is CRITICAL that we eliminate all Orcs from the sacred ground of Azeroth. Of course, since my character is a Dwarf Paladin. I would naturally feel this way.

    Colleen, I don’t agree with your politics in general – but the idiots in the Maine GOP can’t have done themselves any good by picking on WoW gamers! But then, the party of Olympia Snowe doesn’t really deserve the name “Republican” anyway.

    Have a great game!

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  128. Christiaan Mitchell Reply

    Kek. It is patently ridiculous that they’re trying to make an issue out of this. Go get ’em!


  129. Isheepzu, Wildhammer Reply

    I have to first say that i do not live in Maine…or i would so vote for you even if you play a orc. Second is that i find it appalling that anyone would use A GAME as reason to not vote for someone. Good on you for not letting them get you down on this and i hope you win if your opponents are so childish as to think that this will keep people who matter from voting for you.

  130. Yellow52 Reply

    Collen, don’t let this bother you. To me, places like Washington need gamers on the inside. Too much bad rep there. This is actually making me think of attempting of going in myself sometime. I’ll see where I can start out and work from there. On the side: play and create video games (games have been a part of my life since I was 6). I wish I was in Maine and in your district ( I live in Indiana). You’d have my vote along with a lot of others I know; we’re tired of the stupidity.

  131. Amy Hill Reply

    There are millions of people that can differentiate between a game and reality, and then there is the Republican Party. the same people that had one of their own pictured with a real weapon hunting Alaskan wildlife during the last Presidential election, so I would put this one away and not worry about it.

  132. Harry Keller Reply

    Hello and Chin-Up from the UK!
    Well it looks like the GOP have just alienated half of the USA by criticisinh gamers! Impressive!
    I don’t tend to have a lot of respect for politicians, but you seem more human than the rest of the bunch out there! Grats!
    I doubt even our liberal party here are that much in touch with the gaming world. How can people vote for others who are so unlike them in lifestyle? Good luck in your campaign. Your detractors are pathetic.
    I think your campaign just dinged !
    Harry…Guild Wars 2 player.

  133. Jerry Kegley Reply

    I find it very sad that the Republican party as gone after something like this. Absolutely ludicrous that they’d take a class played in World of Warcraft as a negative against you!
    Being a recent Republican myself (until this election year… and no, I’m not a Democrat as I find both parties politics and mud slinging to be atrocious) I am in shock that they’d grab and twist what a class is and does in an online game. Though I have seen both parties do many similar things but this attack is more laughable than anything and shows just how off base some people are mentally.
    I guess they couldn’t find anything with your record, though a simple search would pull anything up, so choose this instead.
    Heaven forbid you actually went to Guild Wars2 and played a Mesmer or a Necro! lol

  134. Mike T Reply

    Ridiculous that republicans would target you for playing WoW. After looking at their page attacking and reading through it I am amazed at the level of political stupidity they have stooped to. You must really scare them for them to try to come at and attack you for playing WoW.
    Keep up the good work.

  135. Mandy Reply

    Stick it to the man! I love how people are more focused on slinging dirt instead of talking issues. They only went this far because THEY haven’t gotten caught saying the stuff they think. It’s terrifying that we have people in the world still that can see a game like WoW, think of it as Satan worship, and lump everyone who plays it into a cult. Politics today…scary. BTW, your guild sounds fun. I want in!

    Keep on trollin’ baby!

  136. Wendy C Reply

    You know why they’re so shocked and horrified, don’t you? It’s because these are the same people who have been saying for as long as I can remember that “girls don’t play video games”…or read comics, or science fiction, or…. Out of touch? Just a little.

    You go, girl. And if that’s the only thing they can find to attack you on, you’re fine. I’d vote for you myself if I weren’t half a country away. And hey, I’m impressed that you got to 85 with a rogue. I actually find them one of the harder classes to level, but I’m not much for PVP anyway.

    44-year-old mom and Night Elf Druid (main)

  137. John Quick Reply

    Hope you get elected – your opponents must be pretty desperate to come out with this sort of rubbish.
    I guess they would also disapprove of the gentleman mentioned in this link …

    … an American who died in his country’s service.
    I hope you wipe the floor with them.

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  139. Kevin Reply

    does anyone think it is ironic that the Republican party has such a problem against animal cruelty in video games, but enjoy hunting animals for sport in real life?

  140. Debb Reply

    I only wish I lived in Maine to vote for you! This obvious smear tactic by the Republicans is ridiculous. I am for you. “Obviously the Republicans need something to attack you on and something to try to give a negative spin. Is this the best they have? ROFL, gaming is a healthy outlet, encourages critical and imaginative thinking, and promotes an environment where one needs to think on their feet. As a fellow democrat, and female gamer, mother of two, you would have my support”. 87 Alliance Hunter and 48 yrs old

  141. Eeshatae Reply

    I may not agree with your politics in this world, but in Azeroth I will always have your back. For the Horde!
    I am a conservative social worker, Catholic grandmother from Oklahoma. And I am a 85 Troll Huntress (along with other characters also in their 80s).

  142. Kyzl Reply

    Hello –

    I also read the BBC article “WoW Hobby sparks US political Row” and wondered is this similar to what happened with Rupert Murdoch’s papers breaking into people’s communications accounts – the BBC article mentioned that your comments to online news sites had been accessed and reprinted on their website. Is that a violation of privacy laws? How did the Republicans access these comments? I subscribe to Yahoo! and I have to be logged into my account to see a history of my comments. Was a law violated here? This could mean others are experiencing the same problem and the law is being violated in the US. I’d appreciate hearing back on this, being a concerned US citizen too. Thank you and I wish you luck in your campaign.

    • Colleen Lachowicz Post authorReply

      Despite what I feel about the opposition deciding to use this matter to distract from the real issues facing Maine people, they violated no laws in accessing the information they did.

  143. Alex Reply

    So i suppose if your not fit to run for Senate then that means i’m not fit to vote for a senatorial candidate? I’m a conservative but you’ve got my vote…screw these GOPers, all this represents is that the GOP is out of touch and continues to get worse… so much for the good old days of the gypsy moths like McCain and Nixon…

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  146. Judy Reply

    As a fellow gamer, I find this an insult to the entire gaming community. Unfortunately, I cannot vote for you as I do not live in Maine. To suggest that gamers are lazy, immature and unable to make solid decisions is laughable. I am a 48 yr old manager of a large department, responsible for a yearly budget of several million dollars. And I play World of Warcraft. Do not let this childish attempt at a smear campaign ruin the game for you. If someone bothers to actually look at your character on the armory, it is quite obvious that you are not obsessively playing WoW. If a harmless past time is the worst the GOP can come up with to say about you, you must be a very good person.

    On the other hand, I’ve read a lot of the articles about their fail attempt at mocking your choice of recreation. Judging by the comments, they may have just succeeded in getting you even more votes. Well played, Sorensen. Well played.

    ~ lvl 90, human mage

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  148. Christian Reply

    These attacks are profoundly absurd and worrying. Jerry Sandusky’s double life was a real issue, this is not. Your opponents must be incredibly desperate to bully you about what you do in your free time. As if it’s a crime to have an imagination nowadays.

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  150. Aron Pataki Reply

    I am writing from Hungary and do not care who wins in Main 🙂
    but People please wake up.
    Computer games are a part of our live now…, like radio television, VHS video, etc.
    If you play WoW especially in a Guild where you work together as a team to master an objective it requires discipline, strategic thinking, and teamwork.
    I would suggest to go against one of those objectives, with a Team of yours and you will fail for the first time, only the mentioned characteristics will lead to Victory.

  151. Garry Hamlin Reply

    You go, girl! I’m an Indianapolis-based, pve-only Alliance oriented-right leaning Libertarian, and I strongly resent the attacks your opponents are making on both of us. Almost thou persuadest me to be…a Democrat. (But don’t look for me to submit a faction change request anytime soon….) May all of your critics be condemned to spend the remainder of their days playing online Solitare.

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  154. Karen Reply

    I’m not American, I’m Brazilian but support you, Colleen.
    If I lived on Main, you would vote for proposals for its historical and political, not because you play World of Warcraft is a hobby and not as other influences on NOTHING in his political life.

    Sorry my english =)

  155. Stephen Reply

    Another Brit here adding two-penneth 🙂 after reading article on ars and BBC I really had to laugh at the pitiful attempt of a websites attempt at turning gamers into satanic loving evil gamers who want to stab people. Of all the key issues in an Election year they go for that you spend your free time on a computer , oh the humanity……
    nice to see the comments section closed on colleen’s world , I wonder why.. 😛

    If I was in your district you would so get my vote! good luck and I look forward to the day on our our members of parliament comes forward as a Death knight (Definately not Prime Minister Dave , he only plays angry birds , and he boasts he’s completed it!, go dave…)

  156. Eamonn Reply

    Northern Irish gamer here, web fanatic, and came across the hilariousness of the accusations against you. I’m not going to go into much detail, because it’s not needed, but I severely hope you get your place in the State Senate, and continue to find time for gameplay.

    Pure and simple, these attacks against you are hilarious – and I’m glad you’ve rightly came back and defended your ground as a gamer!

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  158. Jeff Reply

    I am a Maine Resident. I don’t vote. I do play WoW.
    Since coming across this online; because I don’t watch much TV. One of the above has changed.
    I will be voting this year, and every year your name is on the ballet.
    You’re not down at Hollywood Slots wasting your money and going into great debt like some other candidates. Your not out at the bars or cheating on your significant other like past Presidents.
    You are using a healthy, world wide spread time passer to help release your daily stress
    Pallidious Stormreaver Tanking Pally

  159. Steve Jackson Reply

    Contribution for the Campaign on its way. We’ll be pulling for you on November 6!

    Once in Augusta, however, it will be necessary to be bipartisan: Horde and Alliance working together. If Thrall could make it happen, I’m sure you can, too!

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  161. Johanne/Ragnak Reply

    I’m Canadian, a registered nurse, chief of staff in orthopedics. I play mostly a necromancer level 80 in D2.Love to crush those bones ! But I am also 44 a mother of 5 and have a pretty strong mental health. for me it’s inconceivable to attack someone based on only One facette of your life. Wishing you strenght, courage and victory.

  162. Nick W Reply

    I like many others here am not American (British, for the record), but I think the reaction to playing a character in a game (for chrissake) just shows how extremist either the Republican Party, or the people they are trying to appeal to, are! The GOP need to get a grip and realise that opposing free healthcare is infinitely more wicked and morally bankrupt than playing some character in a game!

    I sincerely hope Romney does not get in for the sake of us all.

  163. Russ Reply

    Just more proof that the Republicans have no place governing our country. Best of luck to you from a die-hard server first player. Knock those Tea Partiers back into the Maelstrom!

    Wait… that’s Deathwing, isn’t it? Oh well, same consequences for our country.

  164. Rhiaden Reply

    Another Brit here, just showing some more support from across the pond! (33yo, or, alternatively, very old UD warlock and Dorf Pala)
    I was asked in my last job interview (as I mentioned the fact I play MMOs in “interests) about raid leading, and how I managed to get 39 other people to turn up several times a week on time. The managers were genuinely interested in the people management skills required for running a large guild.

    In Eve, it is amazing how many people there transfer real life skills to games, and vice versa.

  165. Gean Ricardo Reply

    com essas acusações você só vai ganhar votos dos que jogam WOW, fazendo Certo ou Errado você sempre sera criticada (Português,Brasil)

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  167. Another Brit Reply

    I happened across the article on the BBC News site and decided to follow the link over to your site and offer some words of support and encouragement. As a Brit I keep half an eye on US politics but not to the extent that I do here.

    Nonetheless this seems to be just a plain and simple campaign of attempted ridicule by your opponents in order to try and gain some traction for their no doubt faltering and inadequate campaign. Quite rightly, if they’ve chosen to pick up on a hobby you indulge in rather than issues, matters and concerns of their local constituents then there’s something fundamentally wrong not only with their candidate, but their campaign and their focus of what they’re trying to achieve.

    I for one believe that someone’s hobby, whether or not it’s to the liking of someone else shouldn’t be used as a source to launch a petty personal attack. There is nothing wrong with an on-line gaming hobby, it’s no different to watching DVD’s, listening to music or going to the cinema. This is simply a modern form of interactive social entertainment. It’s not weird, it’s not wrong, it’s not unusual – in fact it’s quite the opposite.

    Are people ridiculed and targeted for playing golf, tennis? No. Are they alienated for going to a bar and being social? No. Are any of these forms of entertainment considered “a double life”? No. It’s almost inconceivable that someone would be branded strange and having a double life for playing tennis – or another form of entertainment. On-line games are just another form of entertainment.

    This seems to simply be a panicked and knee jerk reaction of a desperate opponent clambering to scrabble and claw back some much needed ground for their unworthy campaign.

    I also find it very admirable that you haven’t apologised because there has been no wrong doing. I wonder if your opponent would be willing to share details of his private and personal life? I highly doubt it.

    Wishing you every success and best wishes.

  168. Sue A Reply

    You go girl!! I’m 54 and just started playing Skyrim in April. We don’t have an good enough Internet connection to play online games, but that doesn’t stop me from playing Skyrim all the time. It’s awesome! My husband has been a gamer for years. There’s nothing wrong with it at all. This attack on you may just have the opposite effect of what was intended. Wouldn’t that be awesome! If I lived in your district I’d vote for you for sure.

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  173. Jonas Gustafsson Reply

    Greetings from Sweden. I would vote for you if i could. It is good to see a gamer in politics.

  174. -m Reply

    Congratulation upon your well-earned and much deserved victory.

    When you get to DC, please do all that you can to inform the dinosaurs you encounter about life in the present.

    – michael

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