Three Ways To Help

I’ve received hundreds of responses from people via e-mail, Facebook, and even a couple of voicemails. By and large, almost everything people had to say was supportive. A lot of people were asking questions about how they could help the campaign – so, here’s how to do that. Please share this page with your friends to spread the word.

1) If you know anyone in the municipalities of Albion, Benton, Clinton, Detroit, Pittsfield, Waterville, Winslow, and the unorganized township of Unity (which isn’t the same as the town of Unity next door!), please encourage them to support us. Obviously a vote in the district is the most important thing we can have.

2) Volunteer. Lots of people expressed a regret that they were not local enough to volunteer. However, nowadays campaigns use web-based software that allows you to make calls into the district from anywhere. If you can devote some time to making calls or knocking doors for the campaign, call Amy Cookson at (207) 370-4304.

3) Head to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee and fill out their form saying you’d like our race to be one of their 2012 Essential Races. Certainly it seems that people think this is a race to watch, so tell those in Democratic Party leadership that you feel the same way. Our district is Maine Senate District 25.

(UPDATE: Great news on #3 — I have been chosen as a DLCC “Essential Race”! So I guess people don’t need to submit that form anymore!)

I am grateful for and humbled by all the kind words and support offered to me. Whether you can help the campaign or not, thank you for taking something which was very hurtful to me personally and turning it into something that makes me smile. The Internet will never cease to amaze me. I am going to try to respond personally to all the e-mails I have received, but this is not a large campaign, and I also have to, well, campaign!

17 thoughts on “Three Ways To Help

  1. scott Reply

    Idiot complaints about gaming are on a par whereby I have graduated from reactionary to RINO to liberal without moving a nanometer to the left. However I see no url or button whereby I can make a contribution to your campaign [sadly cannot vote for you from Minnesota].

  2. Peter Larsen Reply

    May I be so bold as to suggest you put out a call on the boards for fellow gamers to join in a ‘raid’ on Nov. 6th to defeat the (Lawful Evil?) Boss and restore the freedom to slash and hack pixels on a ‘puter screen? Hopfully using their attack against them in such a manner would also help keep the national and international press reporting on you. 🙂 I’m in MN (Hi Scott) but heard about you from the BBC News Site!

    P.S. If your campaign accepts contibutions from non-residents, where do we send the woot?

  3. Zwingli Reply

    I’m with Scott on this one. Is there any way to contribute to your campaign, directly? I may be a TX Repub, but I hate the idea that they would use a person’s legitimate hobby against them. This is ridiculous.


    • Colleen Lachowicz Post authorReply

      I am a Clean Elections candidate. In lieu of campaign contributions, I collected $5 qualifying contributions from 175 people in my district and received public funding. I am legally not permitted to accept contributions.

  4. NYC Gamer Reply

    Hi! I’m a progressive, computer programmer and occassional gamer from New York City. Was also a WoW player for a while before I got busy (I also felt it gets a little repetitive after a while).

    Anyhow, I see how desperate your opponent is so that he goes out and slurs all gamers. I guess pouring derision on homosexuals, Romney’s 47% “deadbeats”, Muslims, poor people, black people and so forth was not enough. Any how I went to your ActBlue page and made a little contribution. Wish I could send Maine Democrats even more money. Any how good luck, keep fighting the good fight.

    Your contribution:

    Maine Senate Democratic Campaign Committee (ME) — $10.00
    MPA Campaign Vote! — $10.00
    ActBlue Technical Services Tips — $2.00
    Total: $22.00

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  6. Kerry Reply

    This whole smear campaign from the GOP just goes to show how out of touch and absurd they are.

    If anything, their attacking you for playing wow is going to cause MORE people to support you. SO many millions of people play online games and value their private game lives.

    I love how every attack from GOP tagged websites calls your online life bizarre or some other negative term.

    I’m a female wow gamer too, and I say far worse things than you ever did online. 🙂

    They must not have a candidate worth anything if this is the only thing they can think of to do to ‘win’.

    I’d support you with cash if I had any to spare! Best wishes! Good luck! I hope you STAB THEM…er…CRUSH them…maybe a 2handed mace would be preferable here, eh? 🙂

    Oh…and you won’t be ostracized for playing Angry Birds…you’ll be Ostrich-ized! chuckle. Yeah, even I’m /face-palming at that one.

    Game on!

  7. Thomas Reply

    Hi there from Ireland. Even if I don’t have something to do with US elections, you have a wide support here in Europe 🙂

    Best wishes

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  10. Ashenis Reply

    You have my support even though I’m from IL…
    or Silvermoon City.
    Lv 90 Blood Elf Assassin Rogue here.
    Go get them sister! Show them what we “Warcraft Players” are capable of.


  11. Dana Thumann Reply

    You have my support Colleen. We need to focus on the issues and not get distracted by these ridiculous antics of the Republican party. If they were not so embarrassed by their own political record they would not be so fixated on trying to knock down someone who is dedicated on making real change to help the residents of Maine.

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